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Don't Get Left Behind: 4 Reasons Why Districts Are Choosing Red Rover for Absence Management

Red Rover

Insights | June 28, 2021

The fear of the unknown and change management prevent many school districts from exploring alternatives to their dated absence management software. Busy administrators are often in "survival mode" and likely feel that it will be harder to integrate a new software system, get it up and running, and learn how to use it than to stick with what they have. Additionally, each district has its own unique needs based on location, its student body, the local community, and various other factors.

We get it! That's why Red Rover was built with the K12 administrator's perspective in mind, and it's incredibly easy to implement and use.

Red Rover adapts to the needs of each district, with features that can be tailored to fit different situations. A free app helps recruit and maintain subs in real time, while new features are released every week based on actual feedback from customers. With the ability to integrate with payroll, business, or HR software, setting up Red Rover with your school’s current system is a breeze, too! 

A New Era in Absence Management

Modern problems need modern solutions. From the COVID-19 pandemic and early retirement to a growing demand for qualified subs and the gig economy, outdated systems are not "good enough" anymore.

Here are four reasons why more than 400 U.S. school districts and counting have switched to Red Rover!

1. Strong customer support and fast rollout.

We provide regular training to help staff members and administrators learn new features, including hands-on assistance with the onboarding process to ensure it works with your school’s other software and to get it up and running. 

Additionally, our helpful customer support team guarantees short wait times and fast responses, including live chat and phone support.

2. Substitute teacher support and training.

A sub’s first day at a new school can be nerve-wracking. Red Rover’s software provides detailed descriptions and maps that show the building and classroom layout as well as locations of other important areas, such as the cafeteria and teachers’ lounge.

Plus, through our partnership with STEDI.com, subs can find professional development opportunities that show them how to respond to classroom issues such as attendance or behavioral problems. 

3. Constant evolution to meet complex challenges.

Red Rover provides simple ways to manage subs and sub placement with scheduling for multiple subs, ID validation based on experience or credentials, modern communication tools, the ability to contact subs in real time, and an understanding of modern “gig” economy needs where subs are paid immediately for their work. 

4. Time and cost savings.

The overall cost of health insurance, benefits, pensions, and retirement accounts is rising, leaving less money in a district’s budget for payroll or absence management. Red Rover saves districts time, money, and resources that can be spent elsewhere, with some districts reporting up to a 40 percent cost reduction. 

Red Rover’s software can also help prevent time fraud in districts, an issue uncovered even recently in Pennsylvania and Arizona school districts.

Come on Over!

Are you ready to be part of the movement? Learn why more and more districts across the U.S. are choosing Red Rover. We can't wait to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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