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Time Tracking,

Employee time tracking... sometimes it feels like you can't live with it, and you can't live without it. It's a vital part of school district management, no doubt—but unfortunately, most employee time tracking "solutions" just don't cut it for K12. 

Red Rover Time Tracking

Outdated, sluggish, or nonexistent time-tracking systems slowing you down? 

With 80 percent of a district's budget going towards employee compensation, accurate time tracking is a big deal. But the tools and processes to oversee the allocation of these resources are often antiquated.

Many school districts are wrangling outdated time-tracking software that's cumbersome, difficult to use, and doesn't work well with your other systems. Others are still shuffling paper time sheets, despite the risks of data entry error, fraud, and inefficiency.

Need a better, more modern approach to managing employee time? Red Rover can help. 

Meet Red Rover: modern software that makes time tracking simple, easy and efficient.

Payroll administrators love Red Rover: it provides school districts with accurate, easy-to-process employee time data right into your payroll software.

Employees can easily manage absences, time-off requests, leave balances, and more, while adhering to attendance policies established by collective bargaining agreements or union contracts. 

Administrators can say goodbye to lost time sheets and clunky time tracking systems and say hello to a fast and efficient system that makes it easy to approve absences, move subs around, and track employee time sheets with the click of a button.

Meet Red Rover: modern software that makes time tracking simple, easy and efficient.


A new and efficient way to collect data, approve time, and process payroll.

Categorize by Department

Categorize by Department

Place employees into categories by department, such as janitorial, teaching faculty, administration, and so on.

Easy-Access Kiosk

Easy-Access Kiosk

Allow employees to clock in and out using desktop computers placed in easy-to-access areas, along with the ability to scan employee ID cards.

Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Get up and running in lightning speed with Red Rover's easy interface and straightforward training.

User-Friendly App

User-Friendly App

Enjoy free access to Red Rover’s app for even more accessible employee time tracking.

Always Improving

Always Improving

We want to hear from you! We roll out weekly updates based on customer feedback so the system is always getting better.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Red Rover with your district's current software systems to save time and data entry!

A powerful combination: time tracking + absence management for K12.

Red Rover combines modern employee absence management and modern employee time tracking, helping you save time and work cohesively to increase substitute fill rates, manage employee absences, and accurately handle employee time.

  • Reduce payroll frustrations and errors
  • Oversee absences, check leave balances, and prepare for teacher absences
  • Approve absences, move subs, and view timesheets in real-time
  • Simplify onboarding and training with a single system

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A powerful combination: time tracking + absence management for K12.

Red Rover is trusted by hundreds of school districts across America.

We’ve gone from having days where we had to scramble to find coverage before Red Rover, now to a 100% fill rate nearly every day since our go-live.


Carla Norwood, HR Coordinator

Berrien RESA

Our Payroll team and HR teams are actually jealous that we get to work on the Red Rover transition!


Rachel Bump, HR Supervisor

Charlotte Public Schools

Wait, that’s it?!? That’s so EASY! Any competent adult can be a pro on this system. I just love it!


Anne-Marie Abraham, Personnel Specialist

Riverview Community School District

This has hands down been the easiest transition into a major system that I've ever gone through.


Haley Carter, Administrator

Flat Rock Community Schools

Red Rover takes the time to explain everything to us when we need it. If we ask a question, they’re always right on it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.


Deb Sprague, Payroll Specialist

Maple Valley Schools

Since our transition to Red Rover we’ve seen an increase in our average fill rate from 90% to 95.2%.


Brenda Walls, Administrative Assistant

Nottawa Community Schools

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