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Time Tracking. Streamlined.

Accurate, efficient employee time tracking is vital to successfully managing your district. So why do so many schools settle for slow and error-prone paper shuffling or cumbersome, incompatible software systems?

Red Rover’s time tracking solutions save time, reduce human error, and minimize fraud while effectively integrating with your current systems. Tick-tock. It’s high time you saved some time. A lot of time!

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Our Time Tracking Solutions

  • Hourly
  • Extra Duty
  • Substitute


Hourly Time Tracking

Employees can easily manage absences, time-off requests, leave balances, and more, while adhering to attendance policies established by collective bargaining agreements or union contracts.

Extra Duty

Extra Duty Time Tracking

Heroic teachers are taking on more and more ad hoc responsibilities and the need for extra duty tracking continues to grow each year. Red Rover’s software solution helps K12 HR administrators support educators while effectively tracking and managing resources.


Substitute Time Tracking

Say goodbye to lost time sheets and clunky time tracking systems. Say hello to Red Rover’s fast, efficient, paperless system. Easily approve absences, move subs around, and track employee time sheets with the click of a button.


Track All Time For Any Employee

Regardless of the type of employee or the kind of time you need to track, Red Rover’s versatile time tracking software makes it easy. Customize tracking requirements according to district policy and check and approve timesheets and absences anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Built For Ease and Efficiency

Install Red Rover kiosk software wherever employees clock in or customize the free, mobile app for on-the-go tracking. Automatic, paperless routing provide oversight to supervisors and peace of mind to payroll departments with accurate, fast time approvals and accounting.


Focused, Effective Implementation

Red Rover time tracking solutions are designed with your existing payroll software in mind and built for an effective setup, functional integration, and seamless training for any district staff.


Audit Your Software

Thinking of switching platforms or want to feel confident with your current HCM solution? Audit your software with these 5 key questions:

  1. Does your HCM software help you do your job better and faster or does it hinder and slow you down?
  2. When was the last time you asked for feature or improvement that was actually implemented?
  3. How long does it take to hear back from customer service? More than an hour is too long.
  4. Do you understand what each solution costs? If your vendor’s invoice is one lump sum, that’s a big red flag.
  5. Would you describe your current solution as modern, intuitive, and a delight to use?

“The system itself is extremely user friendly and there are numerous ways to set up absence & timesheet approvals. While there are numerous canned reports, it is incredibly easy to create your own reports based on your district’s needs. As far as customer service goes, top notch would be an understatement. Every person on that team goes above & beyond."

Sheri Davis
Sheri Davis, Payroll Specialist
Walled Lake Consolidated School District More testimonials
More testimonials

Committed to Interoperability

Let's be honest, software integrations are hard and casual claims of “easy” or “1-click” are at best naive. At Red Rover, we understand that software interoperability is critical to your success. We assign a dedicated, skilled technician committed to making Red Rover work for you; until the job is done. Whatever it takes.


Pull employee Time-off and substitute Pay Records into Skyward's Sub Tracking.


Keep absence and substitute worked time up-to-date with this CSV files.


CSV files for employee leave and substitute worked for SubTracker Attendance.


Eliminate manual entry for employee leave and substitute worked.

Explore More Solutions

  • Absence Management
  • Hiring

Absence Management

Absence Manangement. Simplified.

Robust employee absence management with digital approval workflows and daily absence limits. Effective text notifications ensure qualified substitutes fill any absence fast. Very fast.


Hiring. Modernized.

Hiring by Red Rover is a match made in heaven for job seekers and hiring teams. Easily manage multiple jobs, locations, and effortlessly keep tabs on the entire process.


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