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Founded on a Passion for Better

Hey there! Welcome to Red Rover, where we are all about serving education professionals with purpose-built software and unparalleled service. 

We’re glad you’re here! Curious what sets us apart? Jump in the Wayback Machine to learn more.

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Motivated by Experience

Twenty years ago, Red Rover’s founders were knee-deep in building, selling, and maintaining substitute placement software for schools during the internet’s toddler years. 

Back then, dial-up internet was the norm and the concept of a smartphone was straight out of science fiction. 

Along with the technologies that have transformed our lives over the last 20 years, we have seen a substitute surplus turn into a chronic substitute shortage and witnessed financial upheavals, gig economy jobs, and consolidating vendors reshape the economy.

Driven to Serve

In 2020, leveraging 50 years of combined experience, Red Rover’s founders took stock of the amalgamated, aging software available to schools for managing their employees.

“Schools deserve better,” they thought. So they rolled up their sleeves and started building next-generation solutions. 

At Red Rover, our mission is clear: to make the lives of education professionals simpler. 

How? With modern, intuitive software solutions and outstanding service from friendly and knowledgeable people (no bots or phone trees here). 

By “modern,” we mean tackling the problems of today with the technology of today. 

By “Intuitive,” we mean software interfaces that are based on how things actually work in your school and district. 

And “outstanding service?” Well, that’s just us – real people who get it. We listen, we understand both the software and the unique needs of schools, and we’re always ready to help with a genuine smile.

Partnering with Education Professionals

When we launched Red Rover, we hoped to find a few dozen school districts that shared our vision and enthusiasm for fresh solutions. 

Within just a few months, we were blown away when more than 150 districts had adopted our first solution, Absence Management, to serve the mission-critical role of tracking employee time off and scheduling substitutes. 

Today, more than 1,000 school districts across 45 states are a part of our amazing community, and they are helping us make Absence Management by Red Rover better every day.

But we didn’t stop with Absence Management. 

We launched Time Tracking and Hiring with similar responses from the education community, and we don’t plan on stopping there. 

Guided by requests and feedback from education leaders like you, we are continually listening, understanding, building, and serving as we both invest in our current solutions and build new ones.

A Unique Proposition

Our goal? A K-12 employee management software platform: not one that’s slapped together from acquired products that were never designed to work together but one that’s built intentionally from the ground up, with you in mind. 

Other vendors may promise “comprehensive platforms,” but we’re here to deliver what they can’t – a cohesive system, designed and built to work seamlessly to solve the problems you face today and grow with you into the future.

C'mon Over!

Are you ready to join us in the future of K-12 employee management? 

With Red Rover, your voice isn’t just heard; it matters. Our team genuinely cares about your job. And our software isn’t a burden; it actually helps you serve your people better. 

C’mon over – let’s make things happen together!

Audit Your Software

Thinking of switching platforms or want to feel confident with your current HCM solution? Audit your software with these 5 key questions:

  1. Does your HCM software help you do your job better and faster or does it hinder and slow you down?
  2. When was the last time you asked for a feature or improvement that was actually implemented?
  3. How long does it take to hear back from customer service? More than an hour is too long.
  4. Do you understand what each solution costs? If your vendor’s invoice is one lump sum, that’s a big red flag.
  5. Would you describe your current solution as modern, intuitive, and a delight to use?

“You all are great. I appreciate that one, you implemented the feature and did it so quickly, and two, thought enough to loop back around and tell me about it. Red Rover is the best software provider we work with, and it’s not close.”

Nicholas Rawson
Nicholas Rawson, Manager of Fiscal Data
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Our Founders

Our vision is to put the best educators in every school, every day. After spending decades on the front lines of education technology, our founders now bring their dedication and expertise to simplifying the work of district administrators and educational professionals everywhere.

Larry Foxx

Chief Customer Officer

For the past 20 years, Larry has worked with literally thousands of school districts in the arena of absence management and substitute placement. Through Larry, the "voice of the customer" is well represented in every key decision made by the company. Larry's principal focus is to ensure that Red Rover is easy to do business with at all points along the customer journey.

Mike Sheldon

Chief Technology Officer

As Red Rover’s technology demystifier, Mike leads the product and technology vision for Red Rover’s next generation K-12 HR software solutions. He believes that technology done well can make complex processes seem simple and intuitive. Always seeking first to understand the goals of its users, Mike strives to design software that “just works” for them.

Dani O'Shaughnessey

Chief Executive Officer

Dani co-founded Red Rover as an opportunity to fulfill his penchant for cultivating teams to do the unthinkable, and he now guides the company’s sales and marketing teams. His deep connections with K-12 districts in almost every state nationwide speak to his belief that building genuine relationships is how things get done.

Our Values


Customer Empathy

We make every decision with the customer in mind.



We speak and act with honesty, trustworthiness, and humility.


Life > Work

We cultivate a culture where we value relationships and experiences beyond our work, allowing us to maintain an identity outside the office.


Servant Leadership

We place the needs of our coworkers ahead of our own, eschewing office politics and ego.



We actively manage the talents and resources God has entrusted to us, knowing that they are merely on loan to us by Him.



We default to transparency in both our internal and external communication, building relationships based on trust and common goals.

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