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Our Technology Promise

We know that school districts across the country rely on Red Rover to manage their absences and make sure classrooms are filled. That’s why we promise to maintain a secure, highly available, resilient software platform.


You are entrusting us with your data, and we take that responsibility very seriously. To keep your data safe, we:

  • Encrypt all data both in transit and at rest
  • Perform regular vulnerability assessments
  • Provide customizable, role-based access for all of your users
  • Use the most modern, industry-standard user authentication protocols and practices
  • Allow district administrators to securely assist end users without having to share user names and passwords
  • Maintain an audited SOC2 Security Report documenting practices and policies that meet and exceed industry standards

Highly Available

We live in a connected world, and we believe that a modern solution needs to provide access at any time from anywhere. Red Rover is hosted on Microsoft Azure* cloud services which provides a base level of hardware redundancy and maintenance that no self-hosted provider can match.

We run redundant instances of our software, and we proactively monitor them to make sure we scale capacity ahead of demand. On top of that, we deploy regular updates and patches with zero downtime.

We promise to be transparent and proactive about communicating any incidents that interrupt our availability, to correct them as quickly as possible, and to continually improve our performance.


We work hard to anticipate and mitigate anything that could go wrong, but stuff happens. Red Rover is designed to be resilient when it does.

By combining modern software engineering practices with the power of Microsoft Azure* cloud services, we are prepared with:

  • Point in time database backups
  • Automated software testing and deployments
  • Capability to run software in multiple geographic regions
  • Ability to quickly add computing resources
*Additional Information about Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s set of worldwide cloud computing services.

Learn more about the details and benefits of “cloud computing”

Microsoft’s data centers are organized by region and redundant within each region. See a list of all data center locations.

Microsoft SLAs provide Red Rover with 99.95% uptime or better.

Microsoft runs all of their computing power on clean energy with a goal to be carbon negative by 2030.