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We’re making substitute placement easier than ever before.

Are you ready for a modern, intuitive substitute placement solution?

We are, too. Our platform was created to solve the current challenges of education professionals. Red Rover is bringing answers right over.

Substitute Placement Tool | Red Rover

About Red Rover

Built for you.

At Red Rover, we believe there is no greater calling than to serve those who are shaping the minds of our future generations. We also know education professionals have an ever-increasing list of responsibilities. Our one goal is to help them use technology to lighten this daily load and to put the best educators in every school, every day.

Designed by industry veterans and based solely on customer feedback.

We’ve heard the frustrations. We understand the limitations of today’s platform-based systems on administrators and districts alike. With more than 100 years of collective experience and insights into what educators need, we set out to do it better.

Substitute Placement Tool | Red Rover

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Red Rover Benefits

A loyal partner

We’re here to serve. Receive free ongoing and automatic product enhancements inspired by your feedback to directly address your needs.

Flexible solutions

We recognize every district does things a little bit differently. We’ll gladly help you set up Red Rover so our customizable settings reflect and enhance your specific processes.

Save time and money

An intuitive design enables administrators to get things done, not waste their time learning complicated software.

Automation to the rescue

No more frantic calls to subs, messy spreadsheets, or double entry. Red Rover can help you streamline complex tasks with ease, even if you’re already using an automated system.

Keep your bench full

Delightful and easy-to-use tools help attract and retain a stable pool of qualified substitutes ready to get in the game.

Safety first

Play confidently knowing that all your sensitive data is secure, accurate, and available 24/7.

Absence Management Software | Red Rover

But Does It Work?

Oh, it works!

When the bell’s about to ring, there’s no time to waste. Red Rover’s integrated system means you’ve already got qualified substitutes lined up – even for complex and varying schedules – and the data is readily accessible for reporting and integration with other systems.

Here's How It Works:

Work with a Red Rover specialist to identify your district’s specific needs. We’ll create an implementation plan just for you and work together to set your team up for success.
Employees submit time off with just a few clicks using our simple mobile web app. Submitting is quick and easy. Red Rover handles the rest.
Interactive text messages for the win! No more ineffective robocalls.
Stay informed and connected with the most important information always at your fingertips.

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Ready to come over to Red Rover, or just want to learn more? Set up a time to speak with one of our specialists, or go ahead and give us a call. Yes, you can actually talk to a real, live person! Refreshing, isn’t it?!