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Why are hundreds of school districts turning to Red Rover?

For some, it’s because of the age-old problem of teacher absenteeism plus a nationwide substitute teacher shortage. For others, it’s a post-COVID-19 teacher deficit. But across the country, school districts tell us that their antiquated absence and time tracking systems are failing to meet the needs they have today.

That’s why school districts are flocking to Red Rover, a modern and user-friendly absence and substitute management system built to meet the ever-evolving needs of school district administrators, teachers, and substitutes.

Red Rover K12 district customers

What our customers say

Our customers love Red Rover’s helpful and fast solutions for school district administrators. Along with a customized and no-pressure sales approach, school administrators enjoy fast, responsive customer support that keeps their districts running smoothly!


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What our subs say

I love not receiving a robocall at 5:30 in the morning anymore. I get notified through a friendly text message or the Red Rover app instead.

Tessa Frank substitute headshot

Tessa Frank

Jackson Public Schools

It’s the app! Red Rover’s FREE mobile app has been a game changer. It’s just intuitive. It’s how I find my jobs!

Ethan Book substitute headshot

Ethan Book

Boyne City Public Schools

I get unique text sound alerts that instantly let me know when a job is available. It’s just so easy!

J’né Powell substitute headshot

J’né Powell

Woodland Meadows Elementary

School district success stories

Hear what other school districts that have already made the switch are saying about Red Rover!


Riverview Community School District

1. “Just try it.”

Riverview Community School District Administrator Anne-Marie Abraham made the decision to switch to Red Rover in early 2020, and she hasn’t looked back since. She loves Red Rover’s user-friendly K-12 absence management software and affordability. 



Kalamazoo Public Schools

2. “Now we can handle functions with just a simple click. I love it!”

Serving more than 13,000 students and 800 staff, this Michigan district needed a modern solution to Covid-19 and virtual learning challenges: Red Rover fit the bill.


Manchester Community Schools

Manchester Community Schools

3. “Our previous system made everything so complex and time-consuming.”

Manchester Community Schools was searching for reliable customer support, better technology, and a seamless transition as they faced a teacher and sub shortage due to Covid-19.


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