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SubSchool & Red Rover Offer Innovative Support for Substitute Teachers

Red Rover

News | August 04, 2021

As schools rebuild their depleted sub pools and prepare for an influx of new subs during the 2021-2022 school year, SubSchool & Red Rover are partnering to offer subs easy access to high quality professional development (PD) directly from their Red Rover account.

SubSchool is the first — and only — course and collaboration platform designed exclusively for substitute teachers. Through dynamic, modern, competency-based PD, SubSchool offers a place where subs can engage with their peers and build the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

SubSchool is powered by Substantial, a national nonprofit organization on a mission to unlock the potential of substitute teaching. “We’re excited to partner with Substantial because, like us, they keep subs’ needs at the heart of their design,” said Dani O'Shaughnessey, Red Rover Founder & Managing Partner.

Red Rover has already been implemented in more than 3,500 schools across the nation. The simplified software design eliminates the learning curve for educators, saving time and money by filling absences faster due to automatic schedule optimization technology, while simultaneously attracting and retaining a stable pool of qualified subs.

With this new partnership, all substitute teachers using the Red Rover platform will be able to access SubSchool’s “Welcome to Substitute Teaching” course for FREE. This self-paced course, featuring videos, downloadable resources, and interactive elements, provides new substitute teachers with helpful insights into how the job functions, and strategies that will help them to succeed in their new role. For Red Rover districts that subscribe to SubSchool, subs will be able to access all of SubSchool’s features, including 10 courses and live community training and events, directly from their Red Rover account.

Red Rover and SubSchool share a passion for innovation, each striving to make substitute teaching work better for districts, schools, and subs. “Offering subs professional development is an innovation in itself,” said Amanda von Moos, Substantial’s Co-Founder. “So few subs are offered training on the core functions of their job, like classroom management or facilitating instruction. We’re excited to see districts start to invest in the robust PD that subs deserve.”

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About Substantial

Substantial emerged from Co-Founder Jill Vialet’s fellowship at Stanford’s d.school and is an alum of AT&T’s Aspire Edtech Accelerator. Substantial utilizes human-centered design principles to develop tools and strategies that improve and transform substitute teaching systems. Co-Founders Amanda von Moos and Jill Vialet recently published Substantial Classrooms: Redesigning the Substitute Teaching Experience, which illuminates the problematic reality of the current legacy system for substitute teaching, and the possibilities for innovation and change. Learn more at www.substantialclassrooms.org.

About Red Rover Technologies, LLC

Red Rover delivers a modern, intuitive employee absence & attendance management solution to simplify the lives of K-12 HR Directors. As the fastest growing absence management solution, Red Rover supports more than 3,500 schools to provide the best educator in every classroom, every day. Red Rover is headquartered in Exton, PA. Learn more at redroverk12.com.

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