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The Only Absence Management & Substitute Teacher App You'll Ever Need

August 17, 2021   •   Product

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Did you know that the Red Rover absence management and substitute teacher app has been downloaded more than 30,000 times from the Apple and Google app stores, with 50-60 percent of those downloads being by subs?

The Red Rover app was created to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern K-12 school district. It simplifies the lives of substitute teachers, district administrators, full-time educators, and staff by making everyday tasks—from employee time-off requests and clocking in and out to absence approvals, sick days, and more—quick and easy! The app even allows registered users to customize real-time alerts and notifications.

The Best App for Substitute Teachers

There’s a current shortage of substitute teachers in the U.S., and schools are limiting their substitute pool if they require subs to pay for app usage since many qualified candidates simply refuse to do so. That’s why Red Rover’s app is free for subs (as long as their prospective school districts are using it), allowing them to accept assignments from anywhere at any time. 

Red Rover’s app is user-friendly and created to accommodate the gig economy lifestyle of modern substitutes, allowing them to:

  • Cancel assignments.
  • Contact school administrators.
  • Schedule or limit current and future availability, both recurring and nonrecurring, within the app.
  • Receive alerts about job opportunities, changes to assignments, and reminders about upcoming jobs.
  • Synchronize upcoming jobs to their calendars.
  • Customize alert tones for available gigs and upcoming jobs.
  • Select their favorite schools.

This convenience helps increase district fill rates because more subs desire flexibility and independence when accepting jobs. 

A sub’s first day at a new school can be just as intimidating as a student’s. Red Rover’s app allows districts to provide assignment details up front, making subs more likely to accept them. After a sub accepts a gig at a particular district, they can access a welcome message that gives them directions to the school along with details on where to park, when to arrive, their classroom assignments, and more. The school’s phone number and email address are also provided in case the sub needs more information, while push alerts can be turned on to notify subs of new and upcoming assignments, available jobs, and more.

The Best App for Absence Management for Administrators

Built from the ground up with mobile users in mind, Red Rover’s absence management and time tracking app benefits school district administrators, allowing them to:

  • View absent and present staff members in real time.
  • Approve and deny time-off requests, sick leave, vacation days, and PTO directly from the app.
  • Send push notifications to employees, alerting them of school delays, cancellations, and early dismissals.
  • Examine current and upcoming employee absences to identify potential absence issues, such as too many teachers absent at the same time and substitute teacher cancellations.
  • Create temporary job postings to manage teacher absences before they happen, improving the district’s fill rate over time.
  • Use real-time job alerts to notify subs of open positions.
  • View and approve electronic employee time sheets.

“I love this app. It’s free and let’s me do nearly everything I need without having to go to the website. My district used another system that charged users, and it couldn’t even do all the things that Red Rover’s app does.”

The Best Absence Management App for Teachers and Staff

Red Rover’s absence management and time tracking app supports district employees across every type of role, including teachers, as well as staff in administrative, janitorial, food service, and transportation roles. From the app, employees have the ability to:

  • Manage and submit their time sheets electronically.
  • Create short-term and long-term absence requests.
  • Check PTO balances.
  • Clock in and out.
  • Leave comments.
  • Leave absence-related notes for administrators and subs. 

Learn why more than 400 school districts are using the Red Rover app!

Red Rover can bring your administration, substitute teachers, and faculty into the 21st century! To access Red Rover’s free substitute teacher and absence management app, click here to download it from the Apple store or here for Android devices.

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