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Riverview Schools Is All Aboard with Red Rover

February 08, 2021   •   Case Studies

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Riverview Community School District

Riverview, Michigan
850 students served
5 school sites

100+ faculty and staff

Wait, that's it?!? That's so easy!! Any competent adult can be a pro on this system. I just love it!

ANNE-MARIE ABRAHAM, Personnel Specialist

Riverview Community School District

Riverview Community School District’s mascot is a pirate and fittingly, their motto is “ARRGH” which stands for Academics, Responsibility, Respect, Growth, and Honor. A widely respected School of Choice District in Wayne County, Michigan, Riverview is laser-focused on its mission to “successfully educate all students so that they will be capable of functioning in society, earning an income, and becoming responsible adults.”

Fiscally Smart. Operationally Streamlined.

Anne-Marie Abraham, the district’s Personnel Specialist, made the decision to switch to the Red Rover absence management solution in early fall 2020. She had two key objectives in making the switch.

First, she set her sights on finding an option that was more cost-effective and would offer predictable, controllable pricing. Second, because the district’s entire staff uses absence management tools, any new solution needed to be easy for everyone to use – from building maintenance teams and support staff to teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators. Abraham said succinctly, “We absolutely had to solve the challenge of ease-of use.”

Mission Accomplished

Abraham reviewed the Red Rover absence management solution in depth, paying special attention to its streamlined features, software integrations, and straightforward pricing policies. She also realized that Red Rover’s built-in text messaging could greatly improve the way her team communicates openings to substitutes, and also make it easier for subs to accept those assignments more quickly. Abraham was confident that these features would help her keep her substitute fill rates high. From there, the decision to move to Red Rover was easy.

Anne-Marie says that the Red Rover onboarding process was a piece of cake, and her team found intuitive online support whenever they needed it. And when she needed help,Red Rover’s client success team was available to answer any question, making the switchover trouble-free. In fact, she emphasized the spirit and can-do attitude of Red Rover support, saying, “They even make it light-hearted, just like their website and their communications. It makes a difference when you can work with people who ‘get it’ and who are genuinely on your team.”

"Just take a look..."

Those were Anne-Marie Abraham’s words when asked what she would tell colleagues in other districts about Red Rover. She found a modern K12 absence management solution that wasn’t overburdened with outdated functionality and that was affordably and predictably priced. That’s the picture of success.


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