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Building a Brand Around Customer Delight.

Red Rover

Product | October 22, 2020

From the very beginning, even before it was called Red Rover, we recognized that K12 is a community devoted to service. We wondered how we could make a difference in the day-to-day lives of the real people at its heart. Delivering awesome software was a given — what else might stand out in a sea of sameness and bring a smile to a hectic day?

We came to focus on the core concept of “delight” – something more than just satisfaction that tells each individual that they truly matter to Red Rover.

Building this kind of delight required more than a clever name. It needed to be woven into the very fabric of our business and kept top of mind during every interaction, from the first impression and throughout our customer relationships.

Everyone is Welcome Here

At some point, we’ve all been the “new kid on the block.” When starting a new relationship of any kind, we always wonder if we’ll be welcome and understood. From the very first contact with Red Rover, whether it’s on our website, a phone call or in person, we want all of our prospects and customers to feel that they are part of our tribe.

To accomplish this, we stripped away the institutional look, feel, and overly technical language that typically comes along with K12 software. We just focused on being helpful, friendly, and inviting. Anyone seeing the Red Rover brand for the first time is pleasantly surprised, and their smile is all the validation we need to know that we made the right choice.

Ready, Set, Go!

Quick and easy implementation was another big focal point for us. Getting started with a comprehensive absence management system can be much like visiting a new place — stressful and scary, but also fun and exciting. We developed a highly detailed process that highlights the excitement and pretty much eliminates the hassle. Once a district decides to come over to Red Rover, our implementation team is by their side every step of the way. From the initial data import through training and launch, the go-live plans are mapped out and customized for each district, so that all our customers have to do is sigh in relief and enjoy the ride.

Tech Support With a Human Touch

In this highly digital world, we’ve all had the frustrating experience of being put on hold or getting lost in the endless help center loop that is anything but helpful.

Here at Red Rover, we measure our service success on the scale of “time to human” – otherwise known as how long it takes for someone with a question to reach a Red Rover specialist who is prepared and delighted to help.

We considered the golden rule and made the commitment to reinvent this experience into something anyone would enjoy. Time to human at Red Rover means a real live person will answer the phone, be available on chat and actually respond to email – in real time, not someday. How delightful is that?

And if ever a situation arises that’s less than ideal – hey, we ARE human, after all – Mom said it best: honesty is the best policy. You can expect to hear from us in a timely manner with a straightforward answer about how to make it right. Everyone appreciates a good sport.


“I love the surprise we hear in a customer’s voice when they realize how easy it is to get a real, live human to help them. Our world has become increasingly depersonalized, and we love being able to delight customers simply by being there when they need assistance.

Larry Foxx, CCO

Red Rover


Deliver the Goods

At the end of the day, we never forget that the product itself has to work for those we serve. While we could certainly brag that Red Rover software has been engineered by industry experts with decades of experience in the K12 HR space (it has!) and works incredibly well (it does!), it’s keeping the focus on our users’ goals and daily experience with the product that makes it a game-changer. We constantly ask ourselves the question, “What are our customers trying to accomplish and how might we make those tasks easier and more intuitive?” And because everyone enjoys a little recess in their day, we also think about colors, wording, layout and interactions that go beyond mere function to being downright fun to use.

A Circle of Trust

We are honored to be a part of the K12 community of hard-working, dedicated individuals who share a common goal of educating our future generations. That’s why we’ve created networking opportunities for education professionals nationwide to come together to share their best practices with us, and with each other. Through Red Rover facilitated local user groups and online forums, we’re excited to learn about our users’ favorite features, and get their ideas for how we can make the software even better. High fives all around!

Team Spirit Start to Finish

The only way all this comes together is if the entire Red Rover team is on board. By having a no-egos management approach and listening to our own employees about what makes Red Rover a great place to work, we support a company culture where delight naturally thrives. In a world where we all spend a majority of our hours at work, why not make it a place you love to be? That’s the true heart of Red Rover.


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