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Collaborating to Simplify K-12 Absence Management.

The substitute shortage is all too real for K-12 districts. Teacher absences are harder to fill than ever before, and when substitute fill rates are down, student learning suffers as a result.

That’s why Red Rover recently teamed up with Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), a leading global provider of human capital management, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions.

About the Red Rover + UKG Partnership

UKG + Red Rover API Connection

Red Rover joined the UKG Connect Technology Partner Program, a collaborative ecosystem of technology providers working with UKG to deliver custom applications, solution extensions, and integrations that provide simplified and more connected workplace experiences.

Red Rover’s substitute and absence management software complements the UKG Ready platform by eliminating the need for teachers to manually enter absences in two different systems. Once an absence is entered into Red Rover, the system automatically assigns a substitute—or multiple subs—and feeds employee leave data directly into UKG Ready timesheets.



How It Benefits K-12 School Districts

Together, Red Rover and UKG create time and attendance efficiencies that allow districts to spend less time on administrative processes and more time on academics, programs, and nurturing student success.

K-12 districts using both Red Rover and UKG Ready can benefit from the integration of two best-in-class systems to:

  • Support K-12 district operations.
  • Increase substitute fill rates.
  • Ensure continuous student learning.
  • Enhance financial stewardship.
Meet Red Rover: modern software that makes time tracking simple, easy and efficient.

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