Expressly for ESAs

Deliver even more flexibility and innovation to your K12 districts! Red Rover answers the specialized absence management needs of ESAs across the country — all with the understanding that your agencies are unique and diverse, just like the school districts and communities you serve.

Flexible solutions for any operation.

Whether your agency provides full-service programs to your school districts, or works as a clearinghouse, Red Rover is purpose-built to make absence management visibly better and measurably more efficient.

Full Service

The Red Rover solution addresses every component of the substitute teacher and staff workflow so it easier for you to:

  • Hire and compensate substitutes simply and intuitively.
  • Elevate absence management as a first-class service and member district benefit.
  • Centralize support and training so each district realizes optimum value and service.
  • Host user groups to help your member districts improve substitute management, planning and performance.
Substitute Management

Serving as a volume pricing hub for your member districts? Your agency can "own" the Red Rover contract and function as a value-added reseller for absence management services. This model delivers revenue opportunities for you and service advantages for your members.

Clearinghouse Services

Do you provide service recommendations and deliver volume-based buying power for your members? That works for us. And because your agency evaluates and recommends Red Rover, there’s built-in confidence for your member districts right from the start.


No software workarounds.

Old-school absence management solutions made it way too complicated and time-consuming to manage a single pool of substitutes across multiple districts. No one has time for that now. With a thoroughly modern interface and streamlined features for district staff and substitutes, we’ve made it easier, more flexible, and better for your agency, your member districts, and the substitutes you place and manage.

  • Single Record Management for Substitute Records

    Are you stuck setting up separate databases and struggling through regular imports to sync substitute data into multiple organizations one at a time? With Red Rover you can enter substitute data one time and manage which districts each individual substitute can serve.

  • Get More Visibility

    Red Rover can generate meaningful cross-district reporting for you with the click of a button. Easily find which jobs still need subs as well as those folks still qualified and available to take an assignment.

  • Search Less, Find More

    You can search easily for confirmation numbers and people within the scope of Red Rover’s consortia administration tools with universal search across all member districts.

  • Easier for Your Substitutes Too

    Substitutes can now accept one invitation and be added to the available pool in the member districts you specify automatically. It’s easier for substitutes and it eliminates the hassle of duplicate records in your systems as well.

“Wait, that’s it?!? That’s so EASY! Any competent adult can be a pro on this system. Ugh, I just love it!“

Anne-Marie Abraham, Personnel Specialist

Riverview Community School District



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