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SMS-2022-Speaker-Jennifer-Carosielli-KellyEdJennifer Carosielli

Kelly Education

As a best practices expert in educational staffing, Jennifer is a trusted partner to school districts across 38 states. She brings a strong sense of integrity and a passion for excellence to every customer partnership in her role as a Vice President of Strategic Sales for Kelly Education (Kelly Services). 

Jennifer is dedicated to helping her clients leverage the Kelly Education talent solutions to maintain the continuity of student learning and achievement. She works with over 500 school systems, including many large urban districts and has been successful in meeting her client’s needs for quality substitute teachers as they face the current teacher shortage. 

Jennifer is also highly involved with state legislative issues affecting educational staffing and regularly consults with house representatives on proposed legislative bills. Her efforts as an advocate for the noble profession of teaching have made her an in-demand speaker and she often addresses the unique staffing challenges the education industry is up against.

Panel: Outsourced Substitute Staffing 101 1:45 PM - 2:30 PM ET